Jesus, Friend of Sinners

In this five-session Bible study, we will discover how Jesus was referred to as a “friend of tax collectors and sinners” (Luke 7:34). In the religious leaders’ minds this was one of the greatest indictments imaginable, but for Jesus it was a sign of success because it was the very definition of his mission. Together we will clearly see that by following Jesus’ example, we can have the same clear conviction and compassion for the lost that he did. Class begins May 9 at 6:30 PM. Teacher: Pastor Stephen Gantt.

The Bible Project, Torah Series

The Bible Project Series will help you to read through the Bible and understand the “One Big Story” from Genesis to Revelation. In this first series of The Bible Project, The Torah, we will take a look at the first five books of the Bible. While in many ways the Torah represents a beautiful story of God’s creation and the beginning of His plan to save mankind, the story these books tell isn’t always a bright one as far as humanity and the choices they make are concerned. Each session will focus in on one book and help you discover the part this book plays in the “One Big Story” as well as highlight the major themes and background information of that particular book. Through creative videos, easy-to-understand teaching, and helpful study guides, you will be amazed how quickly and easily you will grow in your understanding of the Bible. Class begins May 9 at 6:30 PM. Teacher: Pastor Kelly Dufour