Dream Again

When was the last time your were inspired by a dream? Do you have a dream or have you settled for your reality routine? It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are on right now, your heart should be captivated by a dream of how to serve God and accomplish something for his kingdom. Biblical Example: Jesus’ Disciples. Once the disciples learned that Jesus rose from the dead, the dream began to awake in their hearts. When your Lord does the impossible, it changes the boundaries of the possible. With this seemingly impossible resurrection fresh in their minds, Jesus commissions them to do something seemingly impossible. See Matthew 28:18-20. Within the first hundred years, the church nearly reached the goal of spreading the gospel in the known world. How? These 11 followers of Jesus became Holy Spirit empowered and mission-minded dreamers. Think about it! These men didn’t have to seize their God-given, Christ-commissioned dreams. But they chose to DREAM AGAIN.

Resolution #3: This year, I will learn to dream again, believing that God wants to do something great in me and through me.

See Ephesians 3:20–21.

To dream again, God must be the source of the origin and the fulfillment of your dream.

There have been many dreams pursued by people that do not even factor in God. Perhaps you have found yourself pursuing a dream that leaves you chasing after the wrong things. See Isaiah 65:2.
Dreams are not about your self-self-fulfillment or self-actualization. Biblical Example: Joseph (Genesis 37, 39-50). This story is a prime example of the fact that God is the source of the origin and the fulfillment of Joseph’s dream. I am sure we all have dreams we have pursued (graduation, marriage, career, house). While nothing is wrong with these dreams, I would consider these secondary dreams.
Our primary dream, as followers of Christ, should have something to do with Christ’s mission. Has God birthed a dream in your heart that is in line with His mission? By definition, a God-sized dream will be beyond your ability, beyond your resources. Unless God does it, it’s can’t be done. And that is precisely how God gets the glory.
See John 14:12. What would you do if Jesus came to you in a vision tomorrow morning, stood at the foot of your bed, and said:” “I will make available to you all the resources you need. Now dream a great dream that is worthy of my.” How would you respond to him?

To dream again, you must stop living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death.

Most of us spend our lives running away from the things we’re afraid of. We forfeit our dreams on the altar of fear. At the end of our lives, our greatest regrets will be the God-ordained opportunities we left on the table, the God-given passions we didn’t pursue, and the God-sized dreams we didn’t go after because we let fear dictate our decisions.

To dream again, you must believe God is real and then live like it.

To dream big dreams again, we need to know where our security is. If we find security in the people we already know, the place we already live, or the position we’ve already grown comfortable in, we may never realize our dream. You are one dream away from a totally different year…and life. But, of course, you will have to pursue it.

To dream again, you must refuse the tendency to simply repeat history.

Without a dream, we will likely just repeat what we did last year. A dream has the power to disrupt the routine. Most of us stop living out of imagination and start living out of memory. Instead of creating the future, we start repeating the past.

To dream again, you must refuse the comfort of just breaking even.

There is a brand of religiosity that seems satisfied with breaking even — don’t do this, don’t do that, and you’ll be okay. The problem with that is this: you can do nothing wrong and still do nothing right.
What dream has God placed in your heart? If you don’t have one, take time this year to seek God and learn to dream again.