I Am Hopeful

Negativity  and cynicism are on the rise today. There’s something inside the human spirit that wants to hope, wants to think things will get better. Nearly everyone starts life with a positive attitude. So what happened? How do you go from being so positive to so negative?

You know and experience too much. You would think that knowledge and experience is always a good thing. But, strangely, these are the very things that can often cause you to become cynical, jaded, and negative. See Ecclesiastes 1:18. Knowledge often brings sorrow because the more you know, the more you see life for what it really is.

You project the past onto the future. Cynicism/negativity really takes root when you start to protect yourself from future hurt. What starts innocently enough as self-protection can easily morph into something more concerning. The way you view things and people around you can be distorted through your lens of negativity and cynicism.

You decide to stop trusting, hoping and believing. The problem with generalizing past hurts is that the death of trust, hope and belief is like a virus, infecting everything. Perhaps the most disturbingly, negativity begins to infect your relationship with God. When you close your heart to people, you close your heart to God.

So here’s the things you need to understand: cynicism and negativity is actually a choice. Cynicism isn’t always a conscious decision, but it’s a decision nonetheless.

Negativity has an antidote: HOPE. Hope is the expectation of a favorable future under God’s direction. See Romans 15:13.

My hope comes from what I believe about God, not what I feel in the moment.

See John 14:1; Psalm 31:24. 
Romans 8 shows us several reasons that we can be hopeful believers who stay positive in a negative world.
I am hopeful because I have been set free from condemnation and sin. Romans 1:1-2; 3-4.
I am hopeful because I have a Spirit-renewed mind. See Romans 8:5-6. Negativity is a product of your mind — it is a mindset, the way you choose to think in any given situation. Let the Holy Spirit change your mind about how you feel, how you view your situations, how you view God’s presence even in the midst of your moments.
I am hopeful because I am a child of God, under His protection. See Romans 8:14-15.
I am hopeful because my future victory is greater than my present pain. See Romans 8:18. I’m hopeful because what I’m going through now is doing something in me. God is going to use this to strengthen me and conform me to the image of his son, Jesus. See Philippians 4:11-13; James 1:2-4.
I am hopeful because the Trinity is for me. See Romans 8:26-27, 31, 34.
I am hopeful because God is working all things for my good. See Romans 8:28.
I am hopeful because nothing can separate me from God’s love. See Romans 8:38-39.