Truth in Christ

Read: Colossians 2:1–8 How will you be able to discern if something you are hearing is true or false? The best way to know if a teaching is false is to be deeply connected to the truth. The good news is that our Truth isn’t just some static document or idle philosophy.

Our Truth is a person — and His name is Jesus.

See John 14:6. The key to remaining in the truth and believing true doctrine is being rooted in Christ. In this passage, Paul is trying to help the Colossians understand that everything we need for spiritual life and health is found in a relationship with Christ alone — nothing else.
False teaching usually has a “Jesus plus” teaching. Paul argues for the fullness that we can find in Christ — and it’s all the fullness we need to live satisfied and righteous lives.
Take a look again at verses 2-3. All of these terms serve as a defense against the false teachers who were trying to offer more than simply Jesus. In what ways have you been trying to make your faith about something more than simply Jesus?
(vs. 4) Here’s the thing about false teaching: it can sound so good and true. Often they are based on truth but there is a twist.
(vs. 6). Paul was very fond of putting these 3 names together as a title for Jesus. Each of these titles used of Christ are significant. Christ = the One Only anointed one of God; Jesus = the one who saves; Lord = a title of authority, one who deserves our total allegiance.
Paul then launches into a few descriptions of what it means to embrace Christ Jesus as Lord and develop a discipline and firm faith in Him and His truth.
Walk in Christ. The word “live” is commonly translated “walk.” This shows us that the Christian life is not idle. It is a journey — it has progression. See 1 Thessalonians 4:1. We don’t just get saved by Christ and then live however we want to. Jesus requires that our conduct be consistent with his lordship. Being in Christ, therefore, transforms the way Christians live — how we walk each day.
Belief that does not impact behavior is useless. Does your “walk” give evidence that you are “in Christ”? For to live or walk in Christ means that we are living according to Christ and his ways. See 1 John 2:4-6.
We are to continue to live in Him the same way that we received him…by faith. Faith that Christ is truly all we need. Faith that he knows what’s best for us. Faith that his plans for us are good not bad. Faith that remains in Him not on our own performance (good day, bad day).
Rooted in Christ. The image in this word recalls Jeremiah’s blessing on the one who trusts in the Lord and whose confidence is in him. See Jeremiah 17:8; Psalm 1:1-3.

The fruit shows where the root grows.

Are your roots growing deeper in Christ? Roots in Christ grow stronger and deeper through: Christian fellowship (LifeGroups), times of personal devotions (Bible reading, meditation, prayer), faith in difficult circumstances, Christian ministry, and corporate worship times.
Built up in Christ. Built up in Christ is all about having a strong foundation upon which we build our lives. Jesus is that firm foundation. See Luke 6:46-49; 1 Corinthians 3:10-15. “Being built” implies that believers are still under construction and not yet a finished product. The idea of being built up implies a plan. It also implies that we co-labor with the Holy Spirit and build our lives on the foundation of Christ — the Rock who won’t fail us.
Strengthened in the Faith. How do we become strong physically? Eat properly, exercise, task your muscles. This same concept applies to our faith. See 2 Timothy 2:1.
Overflowing with thankfulness. The Christian life is to be characterized by gratitude to God. Additionally, when we are thankful for what we have in Christ, we don’t go looking around for something else…or something that boasts to be better. See 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

A grounded, growing, grateful believer will not be led astray.

See Colossians 2:8-15.