our VISION & values

leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus




LOVE, GROW, and BE the Neighborhood

LOVE: We exist to love God and to love People.

GROW: We understand we must grow in our knowledge and belief in Jesus as we grow together in community.

BE: We believe we are called to be an active example of Jesus' love to everyone we meet.



At Neighborhood Church We Value:

COMMUNITY - Community Is Our Core

We are called to be in community, to grow our community.

HURTING PEOPLE - Hurting People Are Welcome

We believe everyone has a unique story and each of us crave connections that give us the opportunity to grow.

UNCOMMON GENEROSITY - Regularly Exercising Uncommon Generosity

We are constantly striving to love others in the giving of our time, gifts, and resources, to reflect the heart of Jesus.

REACHING - Reaching Across the Street and Around the World

We are intentional in our service and support to our community and

those who serve around the world.

CARING - Care Enough to Share the Message of Jesus' Love

We are passionate to share the message that Christ died so that everyone can experience forgiveness and receive eternal life.

HOPE - Infectious Hope

We are driven by the understanding that God's presence and promises are constant and bring us to a place of daily hope.